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Netcom Integrator
Eπιχειρηματικό Λογισμικό και Integrations

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Implementation Services

Our expertise can speed up the effectiveness of our solutions. Our qualified team will reassure that our products are well embedded in your organization, in order to bring the desired results faster. Thus, the adaptation of new solutions seems to come naturally without creating any chaos or discomfort for users.
System Architecture
During this stage, the team will review the best options and decide upon the optimal PowerBI Architecture. This encompasses the defining the best server architecture for the implementation and configuring them for the envisioned use cases.
Data Architecture
Data management within enterprise PowerBI deployments can take many forms and employ many different approaches and techniques. This stage is a structured and comprehensive review of current and anticipated data integration and management needs, leading to a data architecture design that can grow with the PowerBI deployment.
Application Architecture
Applications come in many different shapes and sizes. During this stage, our experts will review anticipated application requirements – including size, complexity and scope – as well as anticipated growth and expansion. From this, the team will jointly decide on the most appropriate application architecture.
Solution Validation
Prior to going live with a new or expanded deployment, the Solution Validation stage reviews the implementation and benchmarks it with documented best practices. This interactive review will cover areas that impact usability, performance, scalability and maintainability of PowerBI, and will provide observations and recommendations for further design or development.
Data Integration
Data integration is the process of combining heterogeneous data sources, providing users with a unified view of them. Data integration primarily supports the analytical processing of large data sets by aligning, combining and presenting each data set from organizational departments and external remote sources to fulfill integrator objectives.
Data Modelling
Data modeling is taking place in the early steps of a project, so as to ensure that requirements of the new application are fully understood across all parties. It is the process of documenting a complex software design, as an easily understood diagram. Our team will be responsible for defining and analyzing your company’s data requirements needed to support your business processes. The data model is considered a living document that adjusts and adapt to business changes.
Data Loading
Data loading is the process of copying and loading data or data sets from a source file, folder or application to the application under construction. It is a crucial part of the project since the correct data loading will ensure the smooth operation of the new application. The data is extracted from an external source and transformed into the destination application’s supported format, where the data is further loaded.
Data Visualization
Give shape and life to your data with our solutions. Facilitate data analysis processes by adopting the most robust technologies. Our team is specialized in setting up, running and supporting data visualization applications. We can combine a range of data sources and data, no matter how big they are, in order to associate and visualize information your organization was ignoring. Give us access to your data silos and we will give you a whole new world.